Save time and seamlessly move between your work in the field and your digital workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Optimize your photo editing starting point

Do you apply similar finicky adjustments in the digital darkroom to every image? Simply import your photos, run a quick batch process with this plugin to adjust their settings to your preferred starting point, and dive right into the later stages of editing (the more fun stages, at that).

Adjust edit settings, relatively

Are you limited by the lack of adjusting edit values relatively? With presets and copy functionality, Lightroom is great at specifying exact settings (eg: set temperature to 5000). This plugin opens up further optimization possibilities by allowing for specifying relative settings (eg: lower the current temperature by 25), even allowing the combination of any basic Develop settings to adjust all at once.

Save your preferences for next use

Do you have offset values you consistently use to achieve your style? Save your adjustment settings between uses of this plugin to expedite your workflow even more.


A screenshot of the adjustment panel for the Offset By X plugin (in Adobe Lightroom Classic)

Download and try for free

Download the plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic and try it out for free! 

In this way, you can test the utility of the plugin to see if it’s something that fits your workflow. Unlicensed, the full functionality is available to you – except that it will only work on a maximum of five images at a time.

This plugin works on Mac OS X (both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures) and Microsoft Windows operating systems – meaning it’s a tool you can rely upon across all platforms. That said, it’s always recommended that you try it before purchasing a license to ensure it works with your particular system and workflow. 

In downloading the Offset By X plugin, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

current version:
(released on August 16th, 2023)

Buy a License

Purchase a license to unlock the full functionality of Offset By X and support the continued development of this plugin. Licensed users have access to unlimited batch processing, so that you can select as many images as you like and run this plugin on all of them with a single command.

All purchases are processed securely through PayPal – payable with either an account or directly with a credit card.

SALE! Purchase a license now for only:
$30 $22 CAD

(license details will be sent to your associated email address)

Plugin Guides


Add plugin to Lightroom:

  1.  Download the plugin from the above Download section
  2. Unzip the downloaded file so that you have access to the OffsetByX_v###.lrplugin file
  3. Move this single file to a place you’d like to permanently store it on your hard drive (maybe in your Pictures directory?)
  4. Launch Adobe Lightroom Classic
  5. Open the Plug-in Manager (in the toolbar, select: File -> Plug-in Manager) and click Add
  6. Locate the .lrplugin file from above on your hard drive (where you stored it in step 3) and click Add Plug-in (on Mac) or Select Folder (on Windows)


Register the full version of the plugin to remove the processing limitation of five photos at a time:

  1. Purchase a license from the above Buy section
  2. An email will immediately be sent to you with your Registration Key (check your spam folder if for some reason you do not see it) – note this and keep it private
  3. Launch Adobe Lightroom Classic
  4. Open the Plug-in Manager (in the toolbar, select: File -> Plug-in Manager)
  5.  Select Offset By X from the plugin list on the left
  6. Enter your Registration Key and click the Activate button
    • If you’re on Windows and repeatedly get a Connection Error, the connection to the activation server is mistakenly being blocked by your system – the easiest workaround is to temporarily disable Windows Defender Firewall and re-enable it after successfully activating the plugin

Usage notes

Select the desired photos you would like to adjust and invoke the plugin’s functionality from the top menu:
  File -> Plug-in Extras -> Apply relative edits to selected images

  • All settings in the Basic panel of Lightroom’s Develop module can be adjusted relative to their current values
  • Tab through the fields and manually enter your desired adjustments, or use your mouse to set them via sliders
  • Choose whether to save your entered settings for next time
  • Reset all the settings with a single button
  • Click a setting’s displayed name to reset its entered adjustment value to zero
  • Quickly rollback any applied edits with the built-in undo function
  • All image file formats are supported (raw, dng, jpg, heic, tiff, etc) from any camera


Updates are provided free of charge as they’re made available. Simply remove the old version and replace it with the new one. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Adobe Lightroom Classic
  2. Open the Plug-in Manager (in the toolbar, select: File -> Plug-in Manager)
  3. Select Offset By X from the plugin list on the left
  4. Note the version number (it will be of the format:
  5. Visit the download section of the website to check the latest version number – if it differs from your installed version, remove the old version from Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager (the Remove button is at the bottom-left) and once again follow the installation instructions to add the newer version
  6. If you are a registered user, your Registration Key will persist across versions (no reactivation necessary)

The story of why

Why does this plugin exist?

The short answer...

Personal strife!

The creation of this plugin began as a solution to some time-consuming headaches I was experiencing in my own workflow with Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Particularly, I noticed that I was adjusting the white balance settings that my camera chose for every photo by the same amount - over and over again.

The long answer...

My camera is pretty good at choosing an auto white balance based on whatever situation I point it at. The beauty of the RAW image files it gives me is that I can tweak them to taste afterwards. Over time though, I noticed that the adjustment values I land on are always about the same for each image.

For example:

  • If the camera chose an auto white balance value of 5000/23 (for temperature/tint respectively), I would adjust it to be 4950/21
  • If the camera chose an auto white balance value of 7400/-5, I would inevitably arrive on a personal preference of 7350/-7

In both of these cases (and many others), I was lowering the temperature by 50 and the tint by 2.

Despite my consistency, there was no way to quickly make this edit adjustment across a set of photos - since the starting white balance numbers were different for each one.

This plugin arose out of automating this process and optimizing for my sanity. With it, I can dial in any relative settings I want to adjust (in this case: -50 for temperature and -2 for tint) and have it programmatically go through a large set of selected photos doing this repetitive work for me.

Now, after importing images I simply select them all, run the plugin to apply an initial adjustment across the whole batch, and dive into final edits from an advanced starting point.

This is but one use case, as the plugin is a tool not limited to white balance, but it was the first one I had in mind. Relative adjustments can be applied with it to include any combination of the basic 'Develop' settings (temp, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, texture, clarity, dehaze, vibrance, and saturation).

I personally use it to streamline my workflow. Maybe it will be helpful for you too?


Uh oh. Did something strange happen?

Get in touch and I will do my best to squash those bugs for you. This is a solo venture, so please be patient. If I am in the field making photos myself it may take me a few days to get back to you, but rest assured that each message is read and forms the backbone of ongoing development goals.